Player’s FAQ

Welcome, fellow player! 👋

My name is Jakub Motyl and I manage stuff here at BuffPanel.

I’m here to answer all of the important questions about privacy, our data tracking policy and anything related. In case you don’t find an answer to your questions here don’t hesitate to contact me at


What is BuffPanel?

BuffPanel is a conversion attribution (or marketing attribution) platform. It is nowadays a must-have for anyone looking to promote any kind of goods or services through online advertising. It’s used everywhere from promoting merchandise on Google Ads, by Kickstarter campaigns and mobile apps on Facebook.

Thanks to BuffPanel’s conversion attribution game developers and publishers can find out which of their marketing campaigns (usually during game launch and DLC launch) are actually attracting new players into the game and which of them are a waste of marketing effort and annoyance to players.

What does it mean for me?

Less spammy ads

The marketing team of a game using BuffPanel will now know that players like you aren’t interested in their product.

Game community growth

By getting more of the engaged players into game you’ll be able to find more awesome in-game buddies and more relevant content for you to explore.

Support the developers

Good marketing makes money. Money buys food. Well-fed developer is a happy developer and a happy developer makes a better patch in shorter time.

Collection of Anonymous data

To achieve these goals, we collect some of your data – we send small chunks of information whenever you click or view a game’s ad, or when you run the game.

Don’t worry, everything is completely anonymous and you can always opt-out.

What data do you store?

We do not store any personal information. We only track what we absolutely need to make it work:

  • Event timestamp
  • Game token
  • IP address (one-way hashed)
  • Player ID (randomly generated UUID, persisted alongside game data)
  • Common HTTP headers (sent by browsers to any website you visit)
  • Optionally (depends on the developer): A list of DLCs you have installed with purchase timestamps

That’s all! We don’t store any cookies or search your browser history.

For more details on legal compliance of our tracking please see our Privacy policy.

If you’d like to know more about the technical side of things, feel free to visit our docs or skim through our public SDKs:

How can I opt out?

Before you decide to opt out please reconsider your reasons. We at BuffPanel are doing our best to bring transparency to digital game marketing and improve the chance of success for a lot of games, quite possibly including some you play and love.

You can opt out of our tracking by placing the following line in your hosts file:

We’re working on a simpler opt-out solution at the moment, thank you for your patience.

I have more questions

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. For more details on legal compliance of our service please see our Privacy policy.

Do you collect any of my personal information?

No, we don’t. We only collect the data listed above in section “What data do you store?”.

How do you collect data?

We collect data in three instances:

  • When you click an ad
  • When you view an ad
  • At startup of the game

All of these use-cases are completely common and vastly implemented by sites like Facebook, Google or publishing platforms like Steam.

How does BuffPanel impact my gaming experience?

BuffPanel doesn’t impact your gaming experience in any way. Besides sending the startup event, we don’t run any processes in the background.

Which games have BuffPanel integrated?

Due to legal reasons we can’t provide a full list of games. However – each of our clients is required to include a BuffPanel disclaimer in their EULA, list of third party data processors or Privacy policy.

Do you track me across games?

No, we have no means of linking your player ID or other information across multiple games.

Who has access to data stored in BuffPanel?

All of our data is tightly secured and access to it is strictly monitored. Access to data have:

  • BuffPanel personnel – for platform development, debugging and statistics purposes
  • Game developer / Publisher – for marketing evaluation purpose
  • (Optionally) Marketing agencies – when game developers / publishers outsource marketing

Do you sell my data to another third party?

No, we don’t and never will sell your data to any third party.

Is BuffPanel used to show me targeted ads?

No, BuffPanel is used strictly as an analytical tool – to measure the pre-existing marketing efforts of game developers and/or publishers. Our platform is never used for targeted advertising.

I have a suspicion that your data tracking claims are incorrect.

Of course it could happen that BuffPanel was integrated by a game developer in a wrong way – if you have any suspicion that BuffPanel is communicating data outside the instances described above, please contact us immediately at

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Feel free to drop us a message at and we’ll be with you shortly to clear everything up.