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Steam marketing done right

Easily measure the impact of campaigns on your game

BuffPanel is service for PC game publishers to growth-hack their PC game by attributing sales, measuring conversions and providing marketing intelligence.

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It's simple

Create campaigns

  • Integrate easily with our SDKs
  • Create attribution links for your campaigns
  • Works on all platforms
  • Works with all advertisement networks
facebook google ign twitch youtube

Measure conversions in real-time to allocate spend on best performing

  • Find out best performing campaigns in real time
  • Identify how many players started playing again due to campaigns
  • Compare different versions of campaigns
  • Export feature allows easy analyses in Excel or other tools

Fixing user acquisition for PC games

Platforms like Valve's Steam make it hard to measure the real performance of your marketing campaigns. BuffPanel is specifically designed to solve this problem and it works particularly well for the PC platform.

Improving conversion of landing pages

By measuring the click-through rates and conversions, BuffPanel enables publishers to improve the content of their landing pages and increase overall sales.

Works with any marketing channel

BuffPanel can be used to track the performance of email campaigns, social media, influencer broadcasts, ad networks, etc. If you can think of a place to put your link, BuffPanel can track it!

Numbers talk for our clients


70% of our client's budget saved by identifying the marketing channels that were generating most of the game's actual installations.


Improved conversion on Steam store page thanks to precise measurement


100% protection against ad fraud based on inflated click numbers, lowering the incured losses by 60% of the original bill.


BuffPanel acts as a url-shortener, generating a link that you use to redirect users to your landing page

Each time a user clicks on the link, BuffPanel stores this as a click event along with a fingerprint that later helps us identify the user.

When the same user decides to purchase your game, BuffPanel receives another fingerprint and searches for a matching one already stored from a previous click event.

Meet our dedicated team.

Ivan Trančík

Founder & CEO

Jakub Motyl

Director of BuffPanel

Alžbeta Kováčová

Head of Product

Martin Strapko

Lead integration engineer

Peter Šulík

R&D, Developer

Osama Hassanein

Backend developer

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